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Why Process is the Power behind Sales Performance - Part 1

Posted by Fiona Coughlan on Apr 21, 2017 1:29:26 PM

What hasn’t been said about the marketing and sales process? Most people know they need one to improve their sales performance; many think they have one but is it really helping you grow your business?

We all know the saying… ”Poor data in gives you poor data out” and we all know that sales people want to be out talking to prospects, listening to customers and selling. The last thing anyone wants to do is be tied down by systems and procedures.



What is the single biggest waste of time for a sales person, team or business?

Answer: Coming second!

What is the biggest frustration for owners and investors?

Answer: Seeing the sales numbers move out, and get smaller

And the common link between these two topics?

Answer: Not enough pipeline and poor qualification in part due to lack of process!


sales pipeline.png 

Sales people with not enough pipeline won’t qualify out... and if you aren’t qualifying honestly and objectively, you don’t know how good your pipeline really is.


Process plays a big part in managing and scaling marketing and sales performance:

With good marketing and sales systems in abundance, implementing processes has never been simpler yet it is still a challenge for many businesses to hit the sales target. Why is this?

Then what’s the problem?

Are you using a process to help you track and refine the steps you need to generate leads, support the business and close the opportunities?

 marketing sales.png

Process helps you proactively build your pipeline; systematically learning from your customer wins (and losses) helps you develop propositions and messaging, create awareness and preference amongst your next group of suspects and to deliver the next cohort of “warm” prospects.

Process ensures you are constantly qualifying all opportunities; deciding what will close, when and for how much is as much about understanding what you don’t know in a sales cycle as what you do.

If you have never spoken to the budget holder, it really doesn’t matter what a user thinks; it is very unlikely that you will convert that sale, for the value quoted in the time scale reported as part of the forecast.

Process helps systematically manage the sales activity within the business. The model below might look complicated but really isn’t. It defines what each element does to help manage the sales activity.

model stages to track a buyer's journey.png

People buy from people, or at least most people still do! Selling can be part art and part science. Trinamo thinks that with a robust process in place it’s a bit closer to painting by numbers. Even the most experienced, successful sales professionals and businesses need process to really evaluate the health of the pipeline and the realistic probability of winning the deal. Otherwise they end up being the ‘very costly’ runner up.

Be sure to stay tuned to the blogs. Our next blog will drill into the individual topics included in the above sales process model. if you want to learn more about how Trinamo can help you reach your sales and marketing goals, check out our free marketing and sales growth consultation

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