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Posted by Fiona Coughlan on Mar 14, 2017 4:03:22 PM

Simply type in ‘sales growth’ and with a click of the mouse there is a plethora of advice to inform investors and founders on how to grow the revenue top line. From Angel investors through to Private Equity funds the goal is growth – revenue or profit – rapid or sustained. For founders and CEO’s the goal is the same… but how is it done? What tasks are needed? Who should do them and when?

Driving sales transformation is a major challenge even when there is a big demand for a great product/service. Being able to see what ‘good’ looks like isn’t always hard, but identifying the business constraints and addressing them is! Founders often have the skills but not the time; less experienced staff have more time but not the experience to introduce new ideas, processes and people.

Over time, as a company succeeds, why people buy from you and how you sell to them changes, the example shown is for a “Higher value” offering but is equally applicable for high volume sales too:

why can trinamo help sales growth.png

Managing this constant change is core to sustaining revenue growth:-

  • Founders and key resources need to scale the business:
    • People need to be hired
    • Teams need to be managed
    • Processes need to be introduced
  • Buyers still need to be nurtured:
    • Most prospects have long-listed you; do you know who they all are?
    • Products/services need to be communicated effectively
    • New markets, new products need to be launched
    • Sales effort with new markets/products goes back to “search”
    • New customer references are needed
  • Sales growth must continue
    • New customers need to be won
    • Existing customers need to become advocates

Trinamo are business accelerators.

We are marketing and sales practitioners who have worked with over 200 companies during the last decade to help them overcome their challenges to growth.

We have successfully helped our clients transition across the growth curve.

We have achieved this by working alongside them to rapidly identify and more importantly remove  their marketing and sales constraints.

  • Revenue success is the result of optimal cross-function execution both
    • Product and
    • Commercial
  • Great execution needs to align
    • People
    • Organisation and
    • Processes
  • If any one area of execution is sub-optimal, all are affected

why can trinamo help sales exceleration.png

Trinamo’s network of experienced marketing and sales professionals have been the glue that has helped many of them not only understand the performance barriers but have provided practical solutions to drive their businesses forward.

Whether you are an early stage tech start up or an established technology service provider and are struggling to grow the top line Trinamo can provide a range of services to over come all the major challenges. Contact us now to receive a complimentary business health check. Contact us now for a FREE marketing and sales growth consultation. 

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