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5 Reasons Training Courses Don’t Promote Growth in Tech Start Ups

Posted by Victoria Starr on Mar 17, 2017 3:45:28 PM

Many tech start up companies don’t last because they don’t know how to scale. They may have an obvious market opportunity with a strong value proposition but in this world of ‘too much information’ a lack of bandwidth and/or skills around marketing and sales practices can stop a small business before it’s begun. Your ability to execute is the biggest constraint…

There may be a great market opportunity. Tick.

You may have a great product or service. Tick.

You provide a unique, sustainable and essential proposition. Tick.

Ability to clone the founders to build the funnel, meet prospects, win more business? No!

Often these companies turn to training and often it’s a waste of valuable time and money.  Why?


  1. Training courses only scratch the surface – Start-up companies are time and bandwidth constrained. Attending a training course is a big investment. To cover the fundamentals of selling could easily take a week, but even a week isn’t long enough to get ‘under the bonnet’ of a specific business.
  1. To really help a business grow, there needs to be a deep understanding of multiple elements; the market place, competition, USP’s, price pressures, sales tools, resources and more. If you don’t have sales management, tools and messaging on point, don’t expect training to deliver a step-change in sales performance
  1. Knowing the basics isn’t enough – that insight needs to be re-enforced every day through strong sales management and enablement and supported by great marketing. Before investing in expensive training courses make sure there is bandwidth to execute for the future. 
  1. A training course can provide the theory of good marketing and sales methodology but needs constant reinforcement once training finishes. Putting theory into practice is about combining the art and science of marketing and selling. Even then, most people forget most of what they were taught within a month. It takes time for new ideas to become “standard behaviour”, part of their sales “DNA”. It only happens with on-going management, coaching and mentoring.
  1. Training courses can’t teach experience and expertise. The typical technology entrepreneur is a highly-motivated technologist. By their nature focused on technology. They have invested their own time and gained their experience signing up their initial customers from their network. They have won the “innovators, the early adopters”….other like-minded technologists. Training courses don’t achieve the same outcome. 

Training plays a key role in delivering change and success but often needs to come far later in the process than many think…else time and money is invested without the foundations being in place first.  Having worked with over 200 companies and provided long term interim support and coaching via our network of industry leaders we know how important it is for early stage tech companies to get the correct support and coaching in order to grow. Book a free marketing and sales growth consultation to see if your business would benefit from Trinamo’s expert coaching.

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